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Background Checks and CBS Codes: What You should Know

July 27, 2017 in KCRAR

If you are an
agent who relies on the assistance of appraisers,
photographers, inspectors or other Affiliate members, there are two ways that
KCRAR can help ensure your business remains secure and safe. Effective as of
July 1, 2017, KCRAR is requiring background checks for all Affiliate members
who wish to subscribe to Supra key services. Similarly, KCRAR has actively participates in Supra’s Call Before Showing (CBS) Affiliate key system.

Background Checks for Affiliates

While KCRAR has
only recently adopted this practice, the use of background checks for Affiliate
members has existed for years and is common within the industry. The main focus
of conducting these checks is increasing overall safety for our members while
minimizing any inconvenience on our Affiliate members. The application process
is simple; KCRAR submits the background checks, eliminating the need for applicants to go
through a third party. The applicant only needs to pay a small application fee,
and KCRAR covers the rest of the expense.

Call Before Showing Codes

A number of KCRAR
Affiliate members, such as inspection companies and photographers,
subscribe to an “Affiliate” SupraKey through KCRAR. Affiliate members of the Association who are actively engaged in a a recognized field requiring inspection of property or access to listed properties may lease an Affiliate SupraKey. KCRAR participates in this program as a special service and convenience to our REALTOR® members.

The Affiliate key
works much like the full REALTOR® SupraKey except the Affiliate must also enter
a CBS Code to open
the key compartment of a Supra lockbox.

Every Supra
lockbox has assigned to it a unique CBS code. This code allows the listing agent
to control KeyBox access for all Affiliate keyholders since obtaining the CBS
code from the listing agent is required to open the KeyBox.

There are several ways of obtaining a CBS code for your
iBox. The first is to refer to the original paperwork that was given to
you whenever you leased your iBox from KCRAR. The code will be on a
yellow sheet with stickers attached containing the iBox serial number, CBS code
and shackle code.

The second way is to view your iBox information on the Supra WEB website or the new
SupraWEB Mobile website
You may look up your Shackle and CBS codes at any time.

The third way is to use the KIMvoice number
(1-888-968-4032). Once you have entered your DisplayKEY or eKey serial
number and PIN code, you will have the option of obtaining your CBS code.

And the fourth way, if you are using the Supra eKey app on your
smartphone, is to go into the ‘INVENTORY’ button in the app, select the
iBox Serial Number that is attached to your listing, select the ‘EDIT’ button
at the bottom of the screen and turn the CBS Required slide switch to the on
position. This will show you your CBS Code for that particular
iBox. Be sure NOT to leave the CBS Code Required switch on, else everyone
who needs to enter that particular iBox will be required to enter the CBS Code
into their keys.

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