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‘Agent Alert’ eKey Feature Provides Extra Safety Measure for Agents

September 11, 2020 in KCRAR

Within the Supra eKey app, the Agent Alert feature offers users a simple and discreet way to send an alert message if they are ever in an unsafe situation. Located on the home screen of the Supra eKey mobile app, agents can press and hold the “alert” button in the bottom left corner for three seconds to send an alert message to priority contacts.

Each user can choose who they would like their alert message to be sent to as well as whether to send via text message or email. In addition to the personalized message from the user, the priority contacts will also be sent a link to a map showing the location of the eKey user when they sent the alert.

Agents can set up Agent Alert for their eKey by following these steps:

  • Login to SupraWEB at
  • Select the Alert link
  • Check Enable Service
  • Enter the contact names
  • Enter the email address or cell phone number
  • Enter the message

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