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3 Ways REALTORS® Can Give Back to the Community

August 23, 2018 in KCRAR

With the third annual KCRAR Rock the Block event just around
the corner, opportunities to volunteer at the event have all filled up.
However, there are plenty of other ways REALTORS® can help with Rock the Block
and give back to their community.

Donate to the Cause

Even members who aren’t volunteering in person the day of
Rock the Block can still help out with the event. KCRAR and Habitat for
Humanity are accepting donations for supplies and the projects for Rock the
Block. Anyone who would like to make a monetary contribution to the cause may
do so here.

Donate to ReStore

accepts donations
at all their locations. These donations can be furniture,
appliances or even materials like carpet or drywall. Not only will these
products be sold at a low price to those who may need them, but all the money
earned at ReStore goes back to Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteer on a
Different Day

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers with
varying skills and interests. Volunteers can work on homes, work in ReStore,
work on construction and more. Habitat for Humanity has a Volunteer
for anyone interested in volunteering.

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