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2024 KCRAR Residential Contract Forms to Be Released Dec. 15

December 7, 2023 in KCRAR

The 2024 KCRAR Residential Forms will be released on Dec. 15 on, formsRus and dotloop. 17 forms were changed for the upcoming year by the KCRAR Residential Forms Committee, led by 2023 Chair Dan Sweeney, many of which underwent minor changes. All changes are outlined in the summary of changes document.

One of the most notable changes was to the Residential Real Estate Sale Contract. On the 2024 form, there will be checkboxes for either refundable or non-refundable earnest money deposit. Paragraph 4b will require one checkbox option to be indicated.

KCRAR recommends all members discontinue use of the 2023 forms as soon as practical after the release of the 2024 forms, or by Feb. 15, 2024 at the very latest. All 2024 KCRAR residential contract forms will display a 2024 copyright date at the bottom of the last page of each form. 2023 forms will remain available for a limited time on

KCRAR will continue to provide members with paid subscriptions to formsRus and dotloop Premium as a member benefit. Updated KCRAR forms can be found on, dotloop and formsRus on Dec. 15 and on any other forms products that license KCRAR forms by early January.

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