Lockbox & Key

The Supra Lockbox and Key system is a secure way to allow access to listings for showings. Here’s how it works:

    • Get your lockbox(es) — There are two ways to lease your Supra Lockboxes through KCRAR. You can either lease them for a $20 annual fee per lockbox, or they can be allocated to you for free through the KCRAR Lockbox Allocation Program. You can pick up those lockboxes at the KCRAR office.
      • Allocation Program – Each agent is allocated a number of lockboxes to be leased at no charge based on their listing activity in Heartland MLS for the prior year. This number is calculated by a system that records how many residential listings you’re holding at one time during the month (active, show-for-backup, contingent, pending, temporarily off market and auction status). That recording is usually taken during the middle of each month. The number from each month is averaged, then rounded up to calculate how many lockboxes will be allocated to you.
      • Leasing additional lockboxes – To lease any additional lockboxes, you simply need to fill out the KCRAR Supra iBox Lease form and pick up your lockbox at a KCRAR office location. Lockbox pick up is also available at First Federal Bank’s Zona Rosa branch in the Northland or the branch on Oldham Pkwy in Lees Summit. To pick up at either of these location, complete this Lease form. The annual $20 lease fee is based on a March to March year, so if you decide to lease at any other time in the month, you will be charged a prorated amount to cover the upcoming year.
  • Using your lockbox(es) — Part of what makes Supra iBoxes so secure is that it tracks each agent that unshackles the box. That means, as the listing agent, you know who has unlocked your iBox and at what times. As the showing agent, that means you’ll need to use your smart phone or Apple watch to get into the iBox for any showings using the access information you received when you became a KCRAR member.
    • End of showing notifications – The Supra Lockbox and Key system has a special feature to notify sellers when their home has finished showing. When the showing agent opens the box, the seller can choose to receive a notification of that, and when the showing agent’s mobile device crosses a 1,000-foot radius of the property, the seller will receive a notification that the showing has ended.
      • This video explains how to set this up in your Supra app.
      • You’re welcome to use this flyer to explain to your sellers how the feature works and to opt them in.
    • Returning your lockbox(es) – If you want to lease fewer lockboxes than are currently in your possession, you can return your lockboxes at any time to the KCRAR Leawood office. Or, if you were allocated fewer lockboxes than are in your possession, and don’t wish to pay the lease fee for the extras, KCRAR offers remote pickup days shortly after the new year’s allotments are announced.

Supra Support

If you experience a problem with any of your Supra equipment, call the Supra support line at 1-877-699-6787. The support link is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Central Time.

Before calling, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem with some basic instructions available on Supra’s website.

The user guide you received with your key is also a good reference for basic information.