BrokerBay features a modern platform, an easy scheduling workflow and direct integrations to our long-time partner and BrokerBay’s parent company Supra. BrokerBay’s advanced showing management ecosystem streamlines agent and staff workloads, empowers agents to do more deals, and thoroughly impresses clients, all from one central location.

BrokerBay Support

Agents and brokers now have direct access to BrokerBay Technical Support agents by calling 1-888-534-2324 between the hours of 9 am – 7 pm Central time, 7 days a week.

BrokerBay’s support email of is also still a resource that can be used as well as their support knowledgebase site:

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Training Opportunities

Basic Training Webinars

Welcome to the BrokerBay scheduling service! This quick training covers everything you need to easily schedule, manage, and suggest new showing times as well as efficiently search, share, and book—even across multiple properties on a single tour. There are important actions you must take before the BrokerBay go live date that will also be covered in this Get Started training!

Advanced Training Webinars

Now that you are on the BrokerBay platform, this training will dive into some advanced use cases that will help you feel more comfortable transitioning to the platform. Come learn about platform automations, understand how to use the BrokerBay mobile app on the go, how to set listing defaults, feedback automation, and much more!

On-Demand Basic Training 

On-Demand Advanced Training


Need some tips or best practices for using BrokerBay? Review the Steps for Success guide, watch the short demos below or find more than 100 tutorials and articles on the  BrokerBay Knowledge Base.

How to add showing instructions:

How to book a showing:

BrokerBay FAQs

We strongly recommend safe-listing these specific email addresses, or the entire domain. You can also help ensure delivery into your Inbox by adding these email addresses to your contacts:
  • for support replies
  • for Showing-related notifications
  • Info@mg2.brokerbay.comfor for non-Showing related messages
  • Postmaster@mg2.brokerbay.comfor for other non-showing related messages

Online MLS Booking Portal, Agent Mobile App, Broker/Agent Web Platform, Electronic Lockbox Management, Real-Time Analytics Platform, Third-Party Call Center purchase for agents for $15/mo, unlimited listings, no contract, and feedback collection system.

The BrokerBay offers the ability to obtain the key and release the shackle from a Supra Lockbox all within the BrokerBay app, making it a very streamlined, all-in-one app for showings, lockbox and key. 

Yes, is a link to BrokerBay in the External Resources section of Matrix along with a Scheduling link on each eligible listing in Matrix to make an online showing schedule easy.

Yes, basic to start with more advanced coming in the future.

The advancements in the BrokerBay system eliminate the need for a call center; however, call center services are available for $15 per month for unlimited listings (billed directly to the agents).

Agents and upgraded brokerages can subscribe to the BrokerBay Live Appointment Desk within BrokerBay under Account Settings.

Appointment desk and BrokerBay Concierge Service are both options that Brokers can subscribe to in addition to the base BrokerBay Showings platform that is provided for online showings via the Matrix MLS system and dashboard.

There is automation that occurs daily, that will create a ‘Transfer’ request to move over all listings, data, attached to that agents profile. Please see this article for more info.

BrokerBay automation will pick up on an email change if it is changed in Matrix, you will be prompted upon login to ‘Accept’ the change.

Yes, BrokerBay offers an upgraded system with all features of the MLS-provided Tier 1 system and provides these additional options: Click here to learn more and explore pricing for your Brokerage to upgrade.