BrokerBay showings is coming as a new Heartland MLS benefit to schedule listings online from within the Matrix MLS system and will be replacing ShowingTime as the new showing system on Nov. 29, 2022.

BrokerBay education opportunities

Live training webinars for agents and brokers prior to go live:

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How to add showing instructions:

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BrokerBay Launch FAQs

Will the information for showings in ShowingTime on a listing and for buyer showings be available to the agents after Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022? If so How? 

No. Please print and save that information before Tuesday morning.

Will the showings scheduled for Tuesday and beyond in ShowingTime be available to view and manage after Tuesday?

You should still be able to access those from within the ShowingTime system, but via outside the MLS system itself.

Do agents need to manually transfer those to BrokerBay?

Agents need to manually add their listing instructions to BrokerBay. If not, they will need to print and save their information before Nov. 29. How to Add Showing Instructions: 

Do I have the use of BrokerBay phone Concierge Service as part of the member benefits? Is it a service members need to subscribe to? 

Appointment desk and BrokerBay Concierge Service are both options that Brokers can subscribe to in addition to the base BrokerBay Showings platform that is provided for online showings via the Matrix MLS system and dashboard.

Will there be a link to BrokerBay in the External Resources Section in Matrix? 

Yes, there will be a link to BrokerBay in the External Resources section of Matrix along with a Scheduling link on each eligible listing in Matrix to make an online showing schedule easy.

Will the link to ShowingTime remain in Matrix? 

No, the ShowingTime links in Matrix will be removed on Nov. 29 and replaced with BrokerBay links. ShowingTime would only be accessible via their website after Nov. 29

How will the BrokerBay App interact with the Supra eKey and lockboxes, if at all? 

The BrokerBay App will include at launch the ability to obtain the key and release the shackle from a Supra Lockbox all within the BrokerBay app, making it a very streamlined, all-in-one app for showings, lockbox and key. More features will be released for Supra features in the early months of 2023 by BrokerBay and Supra who owns BrokerBay.

Will there be analytics and reports available in BrokerBay for Agents and Brokers to use?

Yes, basic to start with and more advanced ones coming in 2023 and beyond.

Is there a call center?

The advancements in the BrokerBay system eliminate the need for a call center; however, call center services are available for $15 per month for unlimited listings (billed directly to the agents).