Live Stream Open House Best Practices

REALTOR® Code of Ethics still applies to Live Stream Open Houses

Standards of Practice 16-9 and 16-13 require an agent to make reasonable effort to discover whether a customer is represented by an exclusive representation agreement and if they are, all dealings concerning the property must be done through the clients representative or broker.

Live Stream Open House Field and Links

The Live Stream Open House type and URL field in the Matrix Open House section is reserved for Live Stream tours and presentations of the home only. Pre-recorded unbranded tours should be added to the virtual tour field on the Remarks tab of listing input.

Platforms to use for your Live Stream Open House

Live Stream Open Houses can be held on the platform of your choice, however, we suggest an online meeting platform that offers two-way audio and video communication and presentation sharing such as Zoom, GoToMeeting or Webex. There are other great platforms that you might be more familiar or comfortable with such as a Facebook Live Event, Google Hangout or YouTube Live because they are both user and consumer friendly.

Have a dress rehearsal

Practice makes perfect, and also will make you more comfortable when you go live. Practice running through your tour and presentation at home or at the office inviting family or friends to view and ask questions and provide feedback so you know how to use your presentation software. This will also ensure your equipment (Tablet, Phone, etc.) is going to work properly. You’re going to want to stage the property just like you would in an in-person showing. Think of this as your chance to figure out exactly how everything is going to look on camera, so that you can make any changes if you need to. Ultimately,you’ll want to identify any potential problems ahead of time, so that, on the actual day of the presentation, you can focus on just showing the property.

Plan your Live Stream Open House

Make a list of the home’s key features and any specific details you want to highlight. Create an outline of everything you want to cover in the video. With a little bit of extra work, you can host an open house and sell your customers’ homes virtually just as successfully as you could have in person.

Consider multiple tours in a day

If you want to make a big impact, consider a day of Live Stream streaming holding multiple sessions to help attract as many buyers as possible. Hold a couple in the morning or a couple in the afternoon.

Provide plenty of detailed information

Start outside and guide viewers through the front entrance just as you would for an in-person private showing. Next, proceed through each room, ending up back outside with the outdoor spaces. Show closet space, upgrades and finishes, as well as attention-getting extras, like the view from the bedroom or deck. You’ll want to take some time to talk about the neighborhood, local amenities, schools and other highlights. Be sure to stop and answer questions from viewers during the live stream. 

Promote your Live Stream Open House ahead of time

Promote your Live Stream Open House the same way you would promote an in person open house—through the MLS, email blasts to buyer leads and fellow agents, and through your social media platforms. Give a time frame for the virtual open house and build interest with details about the property.

When Live Make Sure to Interact with Viewers

While you’re live, its important to interact with your viewers. Turn the camera back and forth throughout the broadcast and make sure to answer questions that come up in the chat. Pro Tip: invite your assistant or colleague to help facilitate questions via chat so you can focus on the tour.

Accompanying buyers during a Live Stream Open House

If you’re representing buyers, we recommend that you attend the Live Stream Open House with your buyers and identify yourself as their agent via chat during the Live Stream Event to ensure that the other agent knows the buyers are working with you.