Become a Committee Volunteer

KCRAR members have the opportunity to contribute to issues and initiatives that affect REALTORS® throughout the KC Metro and surrounding areas by volunteering to serve on KCRAR committees and advisory groups. These groups help to make decisions in niche areas of the real estate industry as they pertain to KCRAR’s membership.

Our committees and advisory groups are made up of real estate professionals who have the time, talent and commitment to devote to program development and special projects.

Sign ups for volunteers open up each in year in September and close in late October. Applicants will be notified in late December of their committee appointments for the following year.

Here are some of the committees you could apply for!

Advocacy Committee (Kansas or Missouri)

Study proposed legislation and develop legislative policy. Make recommendations regarding proposed legislation affecting the real estate industry at the local, state and national levels. Monitor agendas of the governing bodies of surrounding communities to identify issues of interest. Meets monthly or less often if necessary.

Consumer Engagement Advisory Group

Provide input on KCRAR’s consumer engagement initiatives, including the multimedia consumer advertising campaign, media relations messaging and other consumer-focused resources. Meets 1-3 times annually.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Identify issues affecting local minority communities and develop Association response. Encourage KCRAR members to learn about diversity. Develop strategic relations, partnerships and coalitions with local organizations. Meets 6-10 times annually.

Events & Outreach Advisory Group

Assist in securing annual sponsors, promoting and selling tickets to all events, suggest speakers and providing input on KCRAR events. Assist in coordinating community outreach programs that engage members. Committee members will be expected to attend KCRAR events and provide feedback after each event. Meets 8-12 times annually.

Finance Committee

Insure the financial stability of KCRAR through regular review of the financial status and investments of the Association. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters that affect the Association financially. Must have experience serving on a KCRAR committee to be eligible and submission of resume required for consideration for appointment. Meets 2-3 times annually.

Grievance Committee

Review ethics complaints and arbitration requests. Make recommendations on whether to dismiss cases or forward to professional standards hearings. This committee does not conduct hearings or investigations. Attendance at an annual three-hour association-sponsored training class is required. Three-year commitment. Meets monthly or less often if necessary.

Member Engagement Advisory Group

Help plan and execute member outreach initiatives to increase effectiveness of member communication. Provide input on KCRAR Communication vehicles (including website, newsletters, social media, etc.). Meets 1-3 times annually.

Professional Development Committee

Assist in planning, marketing and executing programs and training for members to increase professionalism and knowledge. Responsible for reviewing education programs and provide input on future programs. Meets 6-8 times annually.

REALTOR® Party Advisory Group

Plan and implement RPAC fundraising strategies and promote member involvement in advocacy initiatives. Meets 6-8 times annually.

Residential Forms Committee

Review and revise KCRAR Standard Forms. Assist in the creation of new forms, as needed and to consider suggestions for the revision of existing forms. Meets 8-10 times annually.

State Association Directors (Kansas of Missouri)

KCRAR is allocated a certain number of positions each year to serve as State Directors from KCRAR to the Missouri REALTORS® or the Kansas Associations of REALTORS®. Open to leaders and decision makers. Must be willing to attend 2-3 multi-day state association meetings throughout the year.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee

Plan and promote education, networking events and community services/activities geared toward young real estate professionals. Open to all KCRAR members regardless of age. Meets 8-12 times annually and/or communicates by email as needed.