Ethics Complaints

If you wish to file an ethics complaint, you will want to first review the Code of Ethics. The Code is the standard by which the Grievance Committee reviews allegations of potential violations. The Articles in the Code of Ethics are the specific obligations that can subject the member to disciplinary action after a due process hearing. After carefully reading the Code, complete the ethics complaint form, including an explanation of why you believe a specific Article (or Articles) has been violated (e.g., “I feel that Article ____ was violated because…”). Any ethics complaint must cite an Article, because that is the standard by which REALTORS®’ conduct is judged; a Standard of Practice may only be cited in support of a charge that an Article was violated. You must also include the date you became aware there was a potential violation.

When we receive an ethics complaint request, we forward it to the Grievance Committee, which reviews the matter and decides if there are sufficient grounds for a hearing or hearings by the Professional Standards Committee.

Please understand that requests for ethics complaints must be filed within 180 calendar days after the facts constituting the matter complained of was known, or could have been known, in the exercise of reasonable diligence (unless the Board’s informal dispute resolution processes (e.g. ombudsman) are initiated by the complainant, or within 180 calendar days of the closing of the transaction. Whichever is later.).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding filing an ethics complaint, please contact Debbie Strange at or 913-266-5925.

NAR 2024 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
Reference:  Before You File an Ethics Complaint” Brochure”

Required Forms for Submitting an Ethics Complaint:

Form E-1 Ethics Complaint PDF

Affidavit for Sworn Statements 

Confidential – This process is protected under Article 14 of the Code of Ethics and any violation of confidentiality could result in disciplinary action.