Noonlight Safety App

KCRAR highly encourages members to utilize a mobile safety application as a consistent part of their personal business practices.

The KCRAR endorsed Noonlight safety app allows users to simply hold their thumb to the screen in a potentially unsafe situation, then remove their thumb and enter their pin once they are back to safety. If the user’s thumb is removed without entering their pin, the app would then contact the authorities, providing a location as determined by GPS.

Additionally, Noonlight offers the ability to enter information that can be helpful to authorities in an emergency, such as a Timeline feature, where agents could, for example, enter in advance the time and location of a private showing or meeting with an unknown person.

Noonlight is free to download and use. Find it in the App Store or Google Play, or learn more about the app on the Noonlight website

As an alternative or in addition to the no-cost access to Noonlight, members can set up their Agent Alert feature in their Supra eKey app, which notifies pre-identified contacts in an emergency for an added measure of safety.