Dispute Resolution System

Have you ever been dragged into a dispute between the buyer and seller over deposits, missing window treatments, non-functioning air conditioning, etc.? Some REALTORS® have.  To help, KCRAR members can offer a dispute resolution service to their buyers and sellers when these situations occur. In the past, the only recourse when disputes could not be resolved was to take the case to court... and often times, take the REALTOR® to court, too. The Dispute Resolution System offers an alternative that:

  • is faster than litigation
  • is less expensive than litigation
  • is non-adversarial
  • allows parties to retain the right to pursue other legal remedies
  • is successful 80-90% of the time

For the details, refer to the Dispute Resolution System Brochure. To find a Professional Mediator for Dispute Resolution services, the following are organizations with mediators in the Kansas City area: 

American Arbitration Association

Association of Missouri Mediators

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Strange at 913-266-5925.