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Why You Should Have the LifeLine Response Safety App on Your Phone

September 7, 2018 in Guest Articles

I’m sure you’ve heard about the LifeLine Response app by
now. We talk about it all the time here at KCRAR, because it’s such a valuable
resource to your safety, and it’s totally free to KCRAR members. But what’s the
big deal? Why do we keep talking about it? Allow me to break it down for you.

It calls the
authorities when you can’t.

It has “Intelli-Touch Technology,” which basically means you
can open up the app to “thumb mode,” put your thumb on the screen, and as soon
as your thumb leaves the screen, if you’re unable to enter your disarm code, authorities
will be on their way, and your “LifeLine” contacts will be contacted. This can
be used when you’re walking to your car at night, or even when you’re showing a
property. If you ever feel a little uneasy about your environment, this is a
resource that can help you stay safe.

Or, if you need to be hands free, you can use “timer mode”
to set a timer in the app that will contact the authorities if you haven’t
entered your disarm code within the time you set. Plus, you can access the
LifeLine app on your Apple Watch.

Your phone can become
an alarm.

If the authorities are called, this app will turn your phone
into a personal alarm system. It will flash and let out an ear-piercing sound
that can be heard for miles. That sound may help keep you safe in a potentially
dangerous situation, plus, since the authorities will already be on their way,
it may help them locate you.

It’s sneaky. In a
good way.

Hopefully, you’re never in a situation with an attacker, but
if you are, the app is prepared for that too. For example, if the attacker
notices the app, and forces you to disarm, you can enter a secret alarm code
that will still contact the authorities to come help without the attacker
realizing. Or, if your phone is broken during an attack, the LifeLine system will
send out an alert if your connection has been dropped.

How to get your free

Download the LifeLine Response app from the App Store or
Google Play for free. Once you have it downloaded, open the app and tap “Get
Started.” (You can watch a series of tutorials first if you’d like.) Then enter
your name and KCRAR associated email address and tap “Choose Existing
Organization.” It will have you enter your country and phone number, then it
will text you a confirmation code that you’ll need to enter in that app. After
that, just follow to steps to set up your pin code and other information the
app will need to operate.

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