Residential-Oriented Online CE Courses

Online CE courses must be completed within 5 days of state renewal deadlines.  The 2024 Missouri required core topic is “Fair Housing”. 

(Satisfies NAR Code of Ethics)

Approved for 3 hours Missouri Core & 3 hours Kansas Elective 

This course covers the history of the Code of Ethics, its structure and major categories, the arbitration process, and ombudsman services.  Several summaries and case studies of selected Articles of the Code of Ethics will be reviewed.

Details Matter: Practical Application of the Laws Impacting Real Estate

Approved for 3 hours Missouri Core & 3 hours Kansas Elective 

This course will examine several matters including agency, ethics, Fair Housing, common license law violations, and real estate professionalism.  Case scenarios throughout the course identify common issues and provide adequate resolutions for each.

Fair Housing Focus

(2024 MREC Core Topic Requirement)

Approved for 3 hours Kansas Elective & 2024 Missouri required Core. 

Sharpen your Fair Housing knowledge with this easy-to-understand yet impactful course that teaches attendees how to become an “Agent of Influence” in Fair Housing commitment and compliance. As a class, you’ll learn the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of the Fair Housing Act, plus gain a better understanding of how you can provide more equitable services to clients and customers alike. This course also provides an insightful look into the future of real estate with an analysis of imminent changes in consumer trends and demographics, helping agents to stay relevant in their everyday business activities for years to come.

Kansas Required Core

Approved for 3 hours Kansas Core & 3 hours Missouri Elective 

This course is required for Kansas license renewal. Several important topics will be addressed including brokerage relationships, common violations in contracts and agency agreements, advertising guidelines, KREC online services and reporting requirements, as well as Commercial real estate and brokerage cooperation agreements.

Secrets to Listing Effectiveness

Approved for 3 hours Missouri & Kansas Elective 

This course will fully outline aspects of how confidentiality is handled from a client’s perspective, while recognizing what the law requires for disclosure and adverse material facts. Learn vital information as it pertains to legal restrictions that dictate agent activity and communication in relation to Fair Housing, Anti-Trust and Agency representation. Learn to develop consistent processes for completing agent tasks from contract to closing to ensure smooth transactional flow.

Systemic Approach to the Buying Transaction

Approved for 3 hours Missouri & Kansas Elective

This course will review key communication styles that will enhance overall effectiveness when interviewing Sellers and Buyers. Learn to interpret body language and effectively handle conflictsituations. Identify common mistakes made by Buyer’s agents and learn preventative measures. Discover internal procedures for fair handling of multiple offers and review effective step-by-step Buyer’s agent tasks and procedures to maximize efficiencies for contracts

*Questions regarding certificates, registration and other matters involving the above courses should be directed to KCRAR Education at 913-661-1600.

Additional Residential Online CE Courses

(Provided by KAR Keynote Series)

Classes are approved for both Missouri and Kansas CE credit.

KCRAR also provides KAR’s Keynote online CE classes as a no-cost member benefit and are normally priced at $30 per class.  Classes are approved for both Missouri and Kansas CE credit.  

Keep in mind that since these classes are not operated by KCRAR, CE hours earned through KAR will not display in KCRAR member records.

Questions regarding any matters involving a Keynote online CE class must be directed to OnlineEd, Inc. at 866-519-9597.