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Kansas Real Estate Commission makes changes to advertising rules in Kansas

March 6, 2020 in Government Affairs

Significant changes to advertising rules for real estate
licensees in Kansas will go into effect on July 1, 2020. These changes will
specifically relate to how licensee or team names can be presented in
advertising. These new changes will apply to all forms of advertising.

The Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) defines advertising
as “communication in any form of media between a licensee or other entity
acting on behalf of one or more licensees and consumers or the public, for any
purpose related to licensed real estate activity.”

The new rules prohibit the use of an affiliated licensee’s
name or team name in advertising that “uses the terms ‘realty,’ ‘brokerage,’
‘company,’ or other terms that can be construed as a separate real estate
company from their supervising broker’s company,” according to KREC. The rule
change also prohibits the affiliated licensee’s name or team name to be “more than 2x greater in font size
than the supervising broker’s business name or trade name.” The affiliated licensee’s name or team name must also be “adjacent to the
supervising broker’s trade name or business name in any internet, website,
social media or social networking advertisement,” according to KREC.

To help licensees and the public better understand these new
regulations, KREC has created the following resources:

KREC also reminds its licensees that all advertising must be
conducted with supervising broker approval.

Kansas members can reach out to KREC with additional
questions at, or 785-296-3411.

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