Without civility, the communication cycle is incomplete ...


Without civility, the communication cycle is incomplete ...

How rude! It seems communication today is thinly veiled with common courtesy or excludes courtesy altogether. Regrettably, today’s modern world seems to be experiencing the erosion of decorum. Civility and proper communications channels are thought to be antiquated and out-of-date.

Some REALTORS® blame the unprecedented, extended soft market as the basis for the erosion. I say nonsense! Forgive me if I am bored with insipid excuses for bad behavior. For those REALTORS® who communicate with grace and style, my hat is off to you; for those who employ faux manners or ostensibly none at all, please by all means, may I tempt you to read on …

As we all know, one of the first steps to a signed contract is the all-important showing. Last week, a buyer’s agent scheduled an appointment at 3:30 p.m. to show a beautiful colonial on a cheery Sunday afternoon; the owners of the striking colonial received a call from their REALTOR®, who communicated with professionalism at every turn. She conferred with the owners/sellers the intended time of showing and kindly asked the owners/sellers to leave the home at approximately 3:00 p.m., as it has been proven potential buyers are uncomfortable with the sellers in the home while they are touring.

Yea 3:30! …show time. 3:30 …passed, tiptoed to 4:00, hmmm, maybe the buyer’s agent was running a little late…4;30, then 5:00. Sadly, it became all too apparent we had a-no show-and additionally, no communication from the buyer’s agent to cancel. This tactic is truly the mark of an unprofessional! Sellers loathe this scenario! They work hard to prepare their homes for showings; vacuuming, organizing children, securing dogs, etc., so the home will be ready to view for potential buyers. This process is an emotional and physical investment of time and resources.

Pssst! Summoning all un-professional agents, when you set an appointment, either ensure you show the home or call (communicate) before the intended showing time to cancel. I am hearing more and more of this type of occurrence with agents. Not only does this scenario brand REALTORS® in a dreadful light, such erosion in decorum wallops manners in general, which in turn makes life less enjoyable for all. So, please, the next time you must cancel, please do so appropriately.

Bear in mind the adage: Life is like an echo, what you put out there will indeed come right back you, you, you …

With every good wish,

Denise A. Burke, REALTOR®

KCRAR Editor's Note: Courtesy in the workplace is indeed good business! KCRAR framed a list of Professional Courtesies as a friendly reminder to REALTORS® that courtesy is simply respect for others. Review the list of Professional Courtesies here.

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1. Jan Pringle wrote:
I’m reminded of the character, Church Lady, from the TV show Saturday Night Live who used to say, “Well, isn’t she special?” Unfortunately some people forget the best way to achieve a desired outcome is to treat the OTHER person as special and stop thinking of oneself as special. If you can make this practice an automatic behavior pattern, you'll truly be the special one!

Wed, April 28, 2010 @ 10:56 AM

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