Sales & Presentation Tools

Whether you're working with sellers and buyers, or just brainstorming new ways to keep your business on track, there are several essential documents to have on hand. One thing your buyers must understand is the importance of their credit when applying for a mortgage loan. KCRAR has prepared an informative flier you can use when talking with them about credit and lending - go here to print a copy. Included below on this page are examples of other documents you might find useful as templates.

Listing Presentation Tools

A formal listing presentation is designed to help you sit down with a seller and discuss all your services.  During the presentation you'll want to get them acquainted with you so you can build trust, understanding and control. Here are some sample pages you might want to include in your own presentation: 

What we'll talk about today  

Three keys to a successful sale  

Benefits of working with my company 

My background and experience   

Expired listing questions and intentions  

My behind-the-scenes efforts   

My Guarantee   

Pricing considerations   

My resume  

Seller's real estate resource team  

Avoiding legal liability  

Safety tips for sellers


And to help you and your sellers objectively evaluate their property's marketability, here's a checklist gratis of Old Republic Home Protection.


Buyer Presentation Tools   

Buyers need to be guided through the process too, and building their loyalty is your goal from the outset. Here are some presentation pieces you might customize for your style.


Buyer representation  

Details about buyer agency - part 1  and  Details about buyer agency - part 2   

Buyer inspection list    

Why every buyer should obtain loan pre-approval   

Homebuyer information and intentions   

My background and experience   

Your team of experts   

The profile of a smart shopper  

Your credit report - a key to getting the loan you want




Prospecting and Business Organization  

Do you ever find yourself thinking "just when I thought I had it together, I forgot where I put it?"  So does everyone else - so here are some tools developed over time to build a business system and aid with the never-ending challenge of prospecting.  Use what suits your needs, adding whatever works for you!


Annual personal budget - January-July  and  Annual personal budget - August-Decembe   

Annual professional budget - January-July  and  Annual professional budget - August-December   

Business party invitation postcard   

Your Center of Influence   

Center of Influence announcement letter   

Center of Influence party announcement   

Sample postcard for Center of Influence announcement   

Farming - first you plant the seeds   

Sample resume   

Sample promotional postcards