Timing and courtesy are related to currency...

Timing and courtesy are related to currency...

REALTOR® - a professional designation that embodies, and most importantly, uniquely hinges on social interaction in order to further a profitable career.

Why do so many seemingly professional REALTORS® suspend common courtesies without much care? Perhaps the lack of courtesy can be attributed to it’s a dog-eat-dog world, apathy, lackadaisical tendencies, or simply the extra time required – although certainly worth the effort, nevertheless, courtesy and performing as a professional positively takes time.

Recently, a colleague telephoned to share a dilemma regarding how a buyer’s agent erred in courtesy and timing regarding the sale of a new home. For those of you who specialize in new home construction, I will be preaching to the choir. For you who are novices regarding new home construction, this anecdote perhaps may be of use to you in the future.

My colleague, whom we shall call REALTOR® Right, was the listing agent on a property in a new home community; she also had the exclusive on all the remaining new homes. An agent representing the buyer, whom we shall refer to as REALTOR® Wrong, brought a potential buyer to the subdivision and the buyer subsequently made an offer that was accepted. Yea! Oops, restrain that party dance…Regrettably; REALTOR® Wrong was unaware of the time required working as a buyer’s agent contracting in a new home community.

It is not uncommon for buyers to want to visit, visit and revisit their new home to see the progress until move-in (which could be several months…yikes!). The problem arose when REALTOR® Wrong called the very next weekend to ask if REALTOR® Right wouldn’t mind showing the progress of the home to her buyers (uh oh, timing and courtesy be damned!) as she had an appointment with a new potential buyer. In essence, REALTOR® Wrong was finished (time’s up! Next…) with her buyers who were purchasing the new home and was onto another potential commission.

May I offer a gentle tip to the novice here: Please seek the help and advice of a seasoned agent who is experienced with new home communities and glean from their expertise. With a resale, the protocol is usually a one-time showing, maybe two, inspections, perhaps a final walk-through and that’s it. New home construction – generally speaking – is a great deal more time consuming.

The moral of the story: If you are an agent bringing a potential buyer to a new home community, it would be prudent to educate yourself on the process and fundamentals of new home construction and all that it entails. Manage your time well with each client; add courtesy whenever possible; hold yourself accountable and reap the benefits from both courtesy and currency.

With every good wish,
Denise A. Burke, REALTOR®

KCRAR Editor's Note
: Courtesy in the workplace is indeed good business! KCRAR framed a list of Professional Courtesies as a friendly reminder to REALTORS® that courtesy is simply respect for others. Review the list of Professional Courtesies here.

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