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IDX - Add a Listing Search to your Website

Give prospects a reason to visit your website and create repeat visitors. Your web visitors will be able to search most listings that are in the Heartland MLS. They can search by city, zip, map, school district, and more. KCRAR offers a deeply discounted “IDX” solution starting at $32.50 per month. 

To learn more contact Annette Perry at (913) 661-1600, or email

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IDX Participant Agreement - Agents and Brokers

Websites with IDX Listing Search

KCRAR has partnered with Real Estate Digital to create a variety of template-based websites that can be easily customized with your logo, images and brand colors. These sites are delivered fully personalized for use as is, or you can add additional pages, images, your profile, etc. The sites have options to capture leads and include a Heartland MLS compliant IDX search built-in.  There are no contracts, the websites are on a month-to-month basis so they can be used long term or as a short term solution.  Prices start at $39.50 per month with a $20 set-up fee.

Website with IDX Order Form

IDX Participant agreement - Agents and Brokers

Online Forms


An annual subscription to the formsRus interactive online forms product is provided to all KCRAR members as a member benefit. This easy-to-use, online product contains all current KCRAR forms and contracts and allows users to upload an unlimited number of documents associated with a transaction, all at no cost to the member. FormsRus also integrates with an eSignature product and KCRAR members can use up to 10 eSignature packages each month at no cost. Discounted rates are available if in any given month more than 10 eSignature packages each month at no cost. Discounted rates are available if in any given month more than 10 eSignature packages are required.

Click here to access the interactive "form fill" online forms product from formRus, provided to all members at no cost. Use your regular KCRAR member login, or MLS user name and password to access this member benefit.

For technical support for the interactive forms product, please contact formsRus at, or 408-947-2107. For assistance logging in, please contact the KCRAR Membership Department at 913-661-1600.


dotloop is a forms product that is updated anually with KCRAR forms and contracts and is available to KCRAR members at no cost for the basic service. dotloop incorporates unlimited eSignatures and has upgrade packages available for the basic service. dotloop incorporates unlimited eSignatures and has upgreade packages available for purchase if additional document storage is needed. dotlop aims to eliminate the hassles of the paperwork process and has document sharing functionality.

Click here to set up your account on dotloop. You will need to contact KCRAR/HMLS membership to obtain a dotloop Verification Code which will be used during the signup process.

For technical support for the interactive forms product, please contact dotloop at 513-257-0552.

ZipForm Desktop & ZipForm Online

 ZipForm is one of the four KCRAR-authorized products approved for use with the Association's forms and contracts.It is the official forms software of the National Association of REALTORS® and the nation's number one provider of standardized electronic real estate forms. The ZipForm products available to KCRAR members contain all of the current KCRAR standardized forms.

Members may choose eitherZipForm's Desktop or Online version for $159.85 per year. To learn more about ZipForm products or see a demonstration, go to To order, log in to the members-only section of and find the ZipForms information in the "Forms" section.

Would you like to leverage technology for success in your real estate business? RE Technology is a no-cost member benefit for Heartland MLS and KCRAR members. You will have access to a comprehensive real estate technology website that makes it easy to stay current with technology trends and research products offered by a host of vendors. You may also subscribe to the daily and weekly newsletters with articles of interest to brokers and agents. There are frequent free web presentations on various real estate topics announced in the newsletter, plus you can view recorded versions of past web training at any time and on your own schedule!

This service, which normally costs $199/year, is offered FREE of charge to Heartland MLS and KCRAR members. Learn more about RE Technology when you create an account – just register and then login here:

The online directory was created by the WAV Group, consultants in the MLS and real estate industry, and it’s designed to help educate brokers and agents prior to making a technology-related purchase. There is no paid product placement on, rather, the goal is to include all real estate-related tech products along with reviews by brokers and agents who use the specific products.

RE Technology is believed to be the most comprehensive real estate technology website. The website makes it easy for agents to access clear product descriptions and objective product reviews while staying current with technology trends. In addition, the new online service will soon include a rich assortment of tutorials, how-to’s and technology training articles. RE Technology helps agents understand the benefit technology can bring to drive business, and how to strategically implement them.

Give RE Technology a try, it’s free to KCRAR Members. Click Here to Login.