Shawnee, KS Sign Ordinances

Number of Signs Allowed:  One per street frontage
Sign Location: Must be on private property/outside of city right of way (behind the sidewalk)
Maximum Height: 6 ft.
Maximum Area: 6 sq. ft.
Sign Text Requirements: No text restrictions. Balloons, pennants and other attention devices are not allowed.
Days/Times Signs Can be Displayed: Signs to be removed 15 days after sale or rental
Pointer Signs: One directional sign allowed at the entrance(s) to a subdivision; maximum 2 sq. ft.
Municipal Code: SMC 5.64  (Click for PDF)
Additional Information/Contacts:

(***City sign ordinace codes are subject to change. Please refer to each city for the most up-to-date information. KCRAR is not responsible for the removal or loss of signs due to changes in city ordinances.)