RPAC Resources


RPAC is the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. RPAC is the voice of tens of thousands of REALTORS® in the political arena. RPAC was established to help elect candidates at the Federal, State, and Local levels who are supportive of the free enterprise system and private property rights. RPAC is nonpartisan and committee that supports candidates and officials that support our philosophy.

Why Contribute to RPAC?
RPAC is not simply giving money to political candidates; it is INVESTING in your business and your commitment to preserving the future of the real estate industry.

KCRAR makes it easy to support your industry and learn more about RPAC with these resources:

  • Here's an RPAC poster you can post in your office.
  • Can you afford to lose $500 per transaction? Read about the issue of sales tax on commissions in this Power Point.
  • How valuable is the mortgage interest deduction in your business? Read about this issue in this Power Point.
  • Donate to one of KCRAR's four RPAC Auctions with this form.
  • And finally, here's the 2011 RPAC Pledge Card to make it even easier for you to invest in RPAC and your business!