Open-Door Partners for Safety

Brokerage offices across the country are now opening their doors to agents from other brokerages for a whole new reason. It’s not for recruiting purposes, but for safety.

Brokers are inviting area agents to use their office lobby or reception area so agents can meet with a new buyer in the safety net of a real estate office.

We know meeting a stranger in the office before showing is an excellent approach, but it isn’t always practical. Sometimes the agent’s office is too far from the listing or too far from where the buyer is located. While meeting at a location like Starbucks may seem logical, it lacks professionalism. But more importantly it lacks the security of having people around who understand the situation.

Subdivisions have Neighborhood Watch Safe Houses for children, and even some McDonald’s restaurants are designated as official Safe Places. But REALTORS® need shelter and protection, too. There can be no better location than surrounded by fellow REALTORS®.

The idea is based on the concept that while Brokers may compete with each other for listings, or may find themselves on opposite sides of a sale, when it comes to safety there is no competition. The need for agent protection is a universal concern. When we unite in a metro-wide effort to protect ourselves, everyone can win.

The added benefit is potentially changing the long-held public perception that REALTORS® are human Pop-Tart pastries ready to jump up on demand.  An Open  Door policy demonstrates to the public we are unified in expecting an official first meeting. It can create a new mindset with potential buyers that showings cannot and will not occur without a qualifying interview.

Mortgage and Title Insurance companies will hopefully open their doors as Safe Offices, also. Meanwhile, one location which is ready for immediate use is the Member Lounge at KCRAR.

Although there is no specific program in place to link agents with participating Safe Offices, KCRAR can compile a searchable list of participating brokers for agents to check.

Of course a brokerage might offer some coffee, but the only thing that truly matters is the availability of a safe and secure workplace in which to meet.

When agents know they are welcome at another broker’s office (while not encountering recruiting attempts!), they would willingly avail themselves of this valuable opportunity for safe travels. Every member Broker in KCRAR can make a real difference.

What do you think? Are you interested in having your brokerage designated as a Safe Office? If so, please let us know with an email to We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and we’ll follow-up with you soon.

It’s like the lyrics from a popular song:

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
 Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.

You wanna be where you can see our troubles are all the same,
 You wanna be where everybody knows your name…. REALTOR®