New Technology Tools and Resources Ahead

New Technology Tools and Resources Ahead

There is no question that technology has transformed the real estate industry. REALTORS® and consumers alike continue to seek out new and better ways to find, organize and share information with more speed and efficiency. Because of this, REALTORS® find it increasingly important to remain on the cutting edge to provide premium service to even their most tech-savvy clients.

Understanding this need, KCRAR and Heartland MLS remain dedicated to providing services and educational opportunities that empower you as you navigate today’s technology-based real estate industry. In the coming months, you'll be introduced to a number of exciting new tools from KCRAR and Heartland MLS, including the launch of the Heartland MLS app.

Sneak Peek: The Heartland MLS app.

In about 60 days, the way Heartland MLS subscribers access MLS data while on the go will be revolutionized. Here is your first look at the soon-to-be launched "Heartland MLS app."

The Heartland MLS app will be available on the iPhone, iPad, Android (smartphones & tablets), as well as on Blackberry. Using your MLS credentials, you will be able to log in and access MLS data integrated with location-based mapping. You will be able to access information to the home you are currently showing just by opening the app, as well as seeing the active, sold, expired, canceled, pending and contingent activity in the area surrounding the subject home. You'll also be able to see that same type of activity for anywhere on the map, just by zooming in and out, or scrolling across the map with your finger. The Heartland MLS app will feature auto refresh map results, so as the map moves, the homes will update in the new area on the map. Tapping the icon of any of those homes on the map will pop up key relevant details of the home right on the map (such as price, address, bedrooms, bathrooms). There is also a "more detail" link, so the detailed information can also be accessed easily from within the app.

The Heartland MLS app will also be deeply integrated with the desktop version of the Heartland MLS. You will be able to click on "My MLS" to access your contacts and the searches you have saved for those clients, as well as the homes in your cart or your saved searches. All of these features will show that particular list of homes on the map and give you the ability to access the detailed information about those homes, as well as see the recent activity in that surrounding area.

You will be able to see all pictures of the homes and the listing information from the MLS, including the listing agent, their contact information, the showing agent information and the commission information. The Heartland MLS app will give you the ability to schedule showings from the app, get directions and email basic listing information to your clients.

Another feature of the Heartland MLS app is the integration of augmented reality. What is "augmented reality"? Augmented reality is a view of the real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated graphics. The Heartland MLS app will use augmented reality coupled with your smartphone or tablet’s GPS and compass to overlay property information on your device’s live camera feed. As you point your smartphone or tablet down the street, you will see a view of the street and homes for sale will pop up as you scroll your surroundings. There’s even a radar display that shows the direction and proximity of the nearby properties for sale as you scan your surroundings.

The Heartland MLS app will be a free benefit to Heartland MLS subscribers. In addition to the Heartland MLS app, there will also be an agent branded version of this app available for KCRAR members to purchase individually. The agent branded version of this app will follow IDX rules (no solds, etc). The app will be a great option for agents & brokers who want to give their clients an IDX solution in the form of an app, branded exclusively to that agent & broker.

KCRAR and Heartland MLS will be providing additional information on the new Heartland MLS App in the coming weeks. Connect on Facebook to stay up to date on the most recent news – and