Membership in KCRAR, the largest trade association in Kansas City, brings with it an enormous array of benefits to help you in your career and daily life. Continue reading to view KCRAR's Member Benefits Overview.

Shortly after you join KCRAR, you'll have the opportunity to access the New Member Orientation (available online), where you'll learn a great deal to get your new career underway - it's a must for a great start!  You'll learn more about it when you come to the KCRAR office to join.

Membership Applications and other important documents can be found in the sidebar to the right. 

As a KCRAR  REALTOR® Member, you will find many benefits at your disposal, including these:

Heartland Multiple Listing Service

The Heartland MLS is the ultimate resource for real estate listings and sales in the area. This comprehensive database is an absolute must for anyone in the real estate business in the Kansas City Region.

Lockbox and Key System 
For your convenience, KCRAR administers a secure electronic lockbox system exclusively for members. This system helps you when it’s time to show property, facilitating convenient showing and selling.  

Standard Forms and Contracts  
Because it is easier to do business when the listing firm and the selling firm use the same contracts, KCRAR has a wide range of residential and commercial forms that have been approved by legal counsel for KCRAR members. Forms are available on the KCRAR web site, and all members are provided with a subscription to FormsRUs to manage the contracts online. 

Continuing Education and Professional Development
In addition to a wide choice of both live and online CE classes, KCRAR offers other personal development courses. KCRAR offers convenient schedules and locations for these vital courses to ensure members meet state continuing education requirements, with most classes available at no cost to members.   
This is your source for all things KCRAR. Check out the current CE schedule and enroll for classes.  Find out about Association events. Access the Code of Ethics and Association Bylaws.  Link to other industry sites.  Have access to important real estate forms and contracts through our members-only section.  

Technology Services  
KCRAR offers web services, software products, products that provide remote MLS access, and more. All are geared toward helping you grow your business.  

Volunteer Opportunities  
KCRAR offers many opportunities for members to offer input for the Association’s programs, products and services. Members are encouraged to participate by joining a committee, task force, work group or advisory group.
Simply call the office at 913-661-1600 and let us know what interests you and we’ll find the proper place to make the best use of your talents.  

KCRAR offers a variety of events to its members. The annual Recharge Technology Expo includes informative speakers and information-rich breakout sessions.  Other events include our annual REALTOR holiday party®, RPAC auctions, networking events and much more. 

A multiplicity of activities provides every REALTOR® an opportunity to participate and get involved in their association.

Member Communication is your source for real estate news in the Kansas City area. Operated by KCRAR, this news site will provide you with market and industry updates as well as any Association news. Our weekly round-up email, the Resource Report, aggregates the articles published each week and is delivered to members’ inboxes every Friday.

You can purchase books, maps, real estate calculators, sign riders, and more right in the convenient REALTOR® store at the association office. Naturally, KCRAR members receive discounts on all of our store items. KCRAR also offers an online store for your convenience.

Professional Standards 
All members of KCRAR subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and arbitration ethics as established by the National Association of REALTORS®. Adherence to the Code of Ethics is strictly monitored through various mediation and arbitration processes. The Code of Ethics is one of the most important features of your membership because your clients can be assured that you are part of one of the most recognized and respected organizations in the world.

Legislative Advocacy 
KCRAR has Governmental Affairs and  Community Outreach staff to spearhead lobbying efforts on behalf of  REALTOR® members. These staff members also stay current on the latest local, state and national legislative issues and keep KCRAR members informed.

REALTORS® Political Action Committee 
The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is dedicated to protecting private property rights and REALTORS® interests in the legislative arena. In addition, RPAC supports political candidates at the local, state and national level that understand the issues of importance to REALTORS®, in particular the issue of private property rights.  RPAC is “Your Best Investment in Real Estate.” 

Public Awareness Campaigns 
Throughout the year, KCRAR and NAR run advertisements touting the advantages of working with a REALTOR®.  These ads are designed to direct prospective buyers and sellers to seek out the use of a REALTOR®.

Information Central 
With specialists in events, member services, communication, legislation, real estate issues, education and more, there is bound to be someone on staff who can help answer your questions.

In addition to REALTOR® Membership, KCRAR also offers membership options for Affiliates, Commercial Brokers and Referral Associates. Applications for these membership categories can be found in the sidebar to the right.