Helping the Community

Help the Hungry

Help the Homeless

Donate Blood

Acts of Kindness

Arrange for meals to be delivered to those working on the front lines, such as police, EMTs and hospital workers (first make sure they are allowed to accept food).

Send a note of thanks to front line health-care workers.

Call or text neighbors (especially older ones) to make sure they’re doing OK.

Leave packaged, sealed treats or beverages by your front door as a way to thank delivery people.

Start a neighborhood hunt (bear, tiger or whatever) in which residents put teddy bears (or whatever) in their windows for families on walks to watch for.

Write encouraging messages in chalk on your sidewalk.

Set up FaceTime and Skype sessions with relatives or acquaintances in assisted living facilities.

Advocate on social media for individuals and organizations that need help.

Support local businesses by buying gift cards.