Group Health Plan FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I drop my plan and enroll in a KCRAR plan even though my existing plan is based on a calendar year?

Yes, since this offering makes you eligible for new coverage, it is considered a qualified event, so even members on an employer sponsored plan can drop their coverage and enroll in the KCRAR Plan.

Are my dependents eligible for this plan?

Yes, all spouses and dependent children up to age 26 are eligible to enroll.

Is the rate based the member’s age or the spouse’s age if they fall in different age bands?

The rate is based on the KCRAR member’s age.

Is there additional underwriting, medical exams or health questionnaires required for qualification? 

No, these rates have been underwritten and are guaranteed through May 31, 2020.

Are the premiums based on a per child premium?

No, the premium includes all dependent children enrolled whether it is one child or eight children.

Should I drop my current coverage at this point in time?

No, wait until we have confirmation that the 101 enrolled subscriber requirement has been met. If you are planning to enroll but are undecided on the plan, please enroll as soon as possible so we can track the enrollment numbers. Keep in mind the enrollment is open until April 30, so you can log in to the website and change plans if desired.

If I chose to waive coverage this year or miss the enrollment period, when is the next time I can enroll?

Enrollment will not be open again until next year. To obtain 2019 coverage, you must enroll during the current open enrollment period, which ends April 30.

Can I drop the plan anytime?

Yes, you can drop the plan; however, you would not be eligible to re-enroll until June 2021.

Who do I contact regarding benefit questions?

Please contact Jeff Walstrom at 913-647-3981 or