Certifications & Designations

Multi-faceted is the best word to describe the world of real estate. Whatever may be your field of interest you can benefit from specialized education to help you become successful in your chosen area.

"Learning on the job" when it comes to specialty fields isn't recommended. Start with formal education!

What's your preference? Working with seniors, selling green buildings, handling resort properties, assisting sellers with short sales, working with the military and veterans, listing farms and land, or helping buyers purchase a foreclosure? Or maybe your interest lies with the commercial areas of office leasing, warehouse space, or industrial properties.

Earning the right to display designation letters behind your name tells the public and your fellow REALTORS® they are talking with someone of higher education in their field. It implies you have a high commitment to personal success and customer service.

Specialty courses are offered through three channels: 1) KCRAR, 2) National Association of REALTORS®, and 3) Kansas and Missouri (state) Association of REALTORS®. Scroll down to see courses available at all three levels.

1) KCRAR / Kansas City Live Courses for residential practitioners:

Expanding Housing Opportunity, EHO

(This course is offered live in the KCRAR classroom once per year.)

This is the NAR course known as Expanding Housing Opportunity -EHO. But here in Kansas City we created the original version of this course so we still refer to it as Workforce Housing Opportunity, WHS.  

You discover how to build relationships with housing counselors, non-profit organizations, lenders, and governmental agencies and officials. These partnerships will open new avenues to affordability.

Course participants learn how to: 

  • Identify and explain the range of affordable housing opportunities and their benefits to clients. 
  • Describe how affordability affects the housing market, their clients, their business, and their community. 
  • Better analyze affordable financing options, including local, state, federal, and nonprofit assistance programs for buyers and renters. 
  • Build partnerships to expand housing opportunities through advocacy, workforce housing initiatives, and green building concepts.


(This course is offered live in the KCRAR classroom once per year.)

The Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) class is a unique opportunity to expand business by working with local employers so that they can help their employees become homeowners or afford a home close to work.

The four-hour EAH class presents an overview of employer-assisted housing including the three EAH benefit options employers can implement with your assistance:

  • Homebuyer & Homeownership Education: REALTORS® conduct homebuyer and homeownership workshops at the workplace in partnership with a non-profit organization and/or lender. When employees learn about the home-buying process and that they may be able to purchase a new home, new markets of opportunity open for you.
  • One-on-One Counseling: REALTORS® create relationships with local housing non-profit organizations who can offer counseling to employees either at the workplace or off-site.
  • Financial Assistance: REALTORS®, and their partners, review with the employer the variety of financial assistance options that they can offer to their employees to purchase a home including grants, loans and matching savings. 


(This course is offered live in the KCRAR classroom once per year.)

In today’s housing market, where client profiles are changing rapidly, earning the confidence of a potential homebuyer is more complex than it used to be. Real estate professionals who adapt to increasing cultural diversity in the market and who wisely plan to meet the needs of diverse clients gain a competitive edge and expand opportunities.

At Home with Diversity® is a full-day course that addresses issues of diversity, fair housing, and cultural differences. The course teaches you to transact business in culturally competent ways. You’ll learn to identify and overcome your own cultural roadblocks and open the door to revitalizing your career. KCRAR brings you the most recent version of AHWD and it includes:

  • Updated statistics, demographics, exercises, and resources
  • Improved focus on the subtleties of fair housing
  • Greater emphasis on developing an inclusive business plan
  • More details on business etiquette for specific cultures
  • Additional attention to international clientele and real estate practice 

2) National Association of REALTORS®

Here you can find a myriad of courses including online CE. As for a Designation program versus a Certification course... What's the difference? A Certification is a one-time course with a certificate of completion, but a Designation means an ongoing membership with dues to the issuing body.

Designation Courses such as SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) or ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) click here.

Certification Courses such as ePRO (technology) or AHWD (At Home With Diversity) or MRP (Military Relocation Specialist) click here.

Commercial designations such as in Investment, Office leasing, Industrial. International, or Land click here.

CE Courses with hard-to-find topics for all states including Kansas and Missouri click here.

Monthly Specials with reduced pricing on various courses, click here.

3) State Association of REALTORS® offerings

The state associations are the usual location for these three courses. To access offerings by the Missouri Association of REALTORS®, please click here. To access courses offerings by the Kansas Association of REALTORS®, please click here .