Criteria for Use of KCRAR Interactive Blogs, social media

The intent of KCRAR blogs and social media platforms is to encourage and allow Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® members the opportunity to exchange helpful knowledge and ideas about various topics. It is imperative that at all times members communicate with professional courtesy and abide by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. 


Suggestions and comments are welcome and will help maintain a communication environment that works for everyone. Please review the following list of permitted and prohibited activity for participants on this site:  

  • Only those who are active members of KCRAR will be granted access to post on this site.
  • KCRAR staff have the ability to post information pertaining to REALTOR® association/board sponsored opportunities, deadlines, activities, notices etc. or information deemed to be in the best interest of all members as determined by the KCRAR website administrator.
  • All postings must include the name of the member adding a comment.
  • All postings are to be treated confidentially and may not be forwarded or reproduced outside of the KCRAR website blog format.
  • There can be no discussions or postings which would constitute an agreement to fix prices, charges or terms of service, or which would suggest a boycott of competitors or vendors.
  • There can be no discussion of those subjects which would involve the application of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, Kansas License Law or Missouri License Law. These topics should be referred to your Broker, Manager or the KAR/MR Legal Hot Lines.
  • There can be no discussion of topics or situations that require legal advice or assistance. Those should be directed to your Broker, Manager or the KAR/MR Legal Hotlines.
  • Self-promotion, marketing and agent recruitment are prohibited. 

If any member posts information that does not adhere to the aforementioned guidelines or is information deemed not in the best interest of the general membership, the member will lose the ability to post on KCRAR website blogs and social media platforms. KCRAR reserves the right to remove any inappropriate posted content, at its sole discretion.