Classes Ranked By Experience Level

What classes are best for your experience level? 

Customize your learning by catching the courses that are right for you. Please note that courses are scheduled based on many variables and they’re not all offered all the time. Also, there are courses not listed that may be offered on a surprise basis, so check the course schedule often. You are welcome to attend anything of interest, but cover Level #1 first! 


Level #1


When you’re newer (under 18 months or have less than 6 closed transactions) finish these and move right into the next group to expand your knowledge. If you are returning to real estate after a few years absence, start right here. A lot has changed since you were active before. 

  • New Member Orientation - "KCRAR Tour" (For all new KCRAR members. This is not the same as MLS Matrix Orientation.

  • "Core" Class (While you may be not renewing your license for a while and don't need this quite yet, it's a very comprehensive course, covering a multitude of issues and problems faced on a daily basis.Get your CE out of the way now and you'll learn a ton of things you need to know right now! Make this your #1 course!

  • KCRAR Forms- these change every year, so make this your #2 course ASAP!
  • Safety Matters - Protect yourself and your clients. Lots of tips!
  • Dotloop =Ultimate Customer Service - You need this to process sales
  • RPR: Showing Consumers the Truth - How to access the best in property pricing
  • New Home Construction- don't wander into a new home sales situation without knowing your stuff
  • Fair Housing - there is more to it than what you learned in pre-license class
  • Stellar Seller Services- make that listing sing and sell fast.
  • That Doggone Mold - how a dog can detect mold and what to do about it.
  • Renovation Financing - not only for investors, but for the average buyer, too.
  • Retire the Fax Machine. Are you behind on current technology and still using a flip phone? Are you lost when it comes to all the special business software and apps? Get to this class!
  • New Agent Toolkit: A training guide to help newcomers get on track and making sales quickly. 

Level #2


For when you’ve covered the basics and are ready for more detail:


  • KCRAR Forms – these change every year.
  • Legislation Affecting Homeowership
  •  Mastering REO Sales
  • Representing Landlords and Tenants (Property Management and Leasing)
  • Radon and Real Estate- taught by experts from Kansas State University
  • Auctions- here is an intriguing way to get that house sold.
  • RPR - Advanced REALTOR Property Resource - take the basic one first and don't miss this one.
  • Selling HUD Foreclosures- many buyers want these properties, so don't be confused about the process.
  • Historic Properties- a super interesting class about dealing with these older homes.
  • Understanding Appraisers - it's complicated! Learn from a top appraiser.
  • Advanced Short Sales 

Certifications/Designations for everyone:


  • EHO, Expanding Housing Opportunity -   for the Workforce Housing Specialist (WHS) certification.
  • EAH, Employer Assisted Housing  

Workshops (Non-CE)


Although a topic may be very important for you, it’s not always one that involves 3 hours of content and therefore doesn’t qualify as a license-renewal continuing education course. These are for “Get Smart” credit and everyone should catch them all. The one you miss is likely to be the one you need. Watch for these "Lunch & Learns."



Contact Jan Pringle, KCRAR Education Director or Sherry Young, KCRAR School Registrar at 913-661-1600.