CBS Codes

Allow Appraisers & Inspectors Access

REALTORS® who want Affiliate Members to access their iBoxes need to know the “CBS Code” that is assigned to each iBox.

Affiliate Members such as inspection companies and appraisers may now lease Supra keys. Many have obtained a key to provide better service to REALTORS®. This can be a real time and money saver for REALTORS®, often eliminating the need to meet Affiliate members at properties.

Affiliate keys work just like other keys, except that Affiliates will need to enter a “CBS Code” in addition to their PIN number to open iBoxes. Each iBox is already programmed with a “CBS Code” – please don’t change that setting on your iBoxes.

When Affiliate Members call to make an appointment to enter one of your listings, they’ll ask you for that listing’s lockbox CBS Code and they must have that code to open the box.

How to find your CBS Code

The first way is to view your iBox information on the new SupraWEB website. Registration is required, but you may look up your Shackle and CBS codes at any time.

The second way is to use the KIM voice emergency key update number (1-888-968-4032). Once you have entered your DisplayKEY serial number and PIN code, you will have the option of obtaining your CBS code.

The third option, if you are using the Supra eKey app on your smartphone, is to go into the ‘INVENTORY’ button in the app, select the iBox Serial Number that is attached to your listing, select the ‘EDIT’ button at the bottom of the screen and turn the CBS Required slide switch to the on position. This will show you your CBS Code for that iBox. 

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to keep the CBS Code Required switch in the ‘OFF’ position, otherwise everyone attempting to enter the iBox will be required to enter the CBS Code for the iBox.